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Arbeit, Pause, Feierabend


Clockout is easy: With a quick click you start your working day, pause it during your lunch break and finish it on time for the end of the day. Clockout will do the rest for you.

Ein Blick reicht aus.


Be in control of your working hours. Check the times of your employees. Keep track of everything with a look at Clockout's clear dashboards and detailed reports.

Fehlerfreie Zeitdokumentation ohne Risiko.

Legally Secure

With Clockout you track all working hours in accordance with the guidelines of the ECJ ruling. All changes are logged so that any manipulation is impossible.

Urlaubs­verwaltung und Arbeitszeiterfassung.


Apply for vacation days and absences directly in Clockout. Use our second product, Vacationizr, to approve applications and see the absences of your colleagues at a glance.

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Everything you need in one application

Behalte zu jeder Zeit an jedem Ort den Überblick

Optimized division of labor

Maintain an overview at any time, anywhere. In the team dashboard you will find an overview of the working hours of your teams and colleagues. You can quickly see who is overworked and who can possibly relieve work.

Intuitive Benutzeroberfläche

Easy time tracking

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you don't need a time-consuming introduction. Simply enter the task, click the start button and your work day can begin.

Optimale Ergänzung

Integrated vacation management

Clockout and our vacation management system Vacationizr complement each other perfectly.

Übersichtliche Darstellung

Detailed Reports

Automated reports and statistics allow you to carry out extensive evaluations. Various diagrams show you working hours, breaks and much more clearly.

Gesetzliche Vorgaben mühelos einhalten

Legal Security

Easily comply with legal requirements. Thanks to the detailed recording and documentation of working hours, the legal and operational risk is minimized — an end to incorrect and incomplete time recording!

Umfangreiche Auswertungen und Filter im Dashboard

Versatile analysis options

Comprehensive evaluations according to your taste. With the help of various filter options, you can graphically display various time periods in the dashboard and compare them with one another - forecasts made easy!

Try For Free Up to 5 users free forever

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